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What Is New In Version 5.00

Now you can get a list of comps — recently sold properties in the same neighborhood that are are similar to the subject property.

Comps are organized in a table that makes it easy to compare the subject property against properties of the same type and size that have been sold within the last year and located within one mile of the subject property.

How it works

  1. Tap the Property Record button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Comps to view the property comparison table.

The property comparison table uses columns for the comparable properties and rows for the property data. It allows for quick and easy comparison between each property’s characteristics.

What Is New In Version 4.00

  1. Introducing Property Boundaries. Now you can touch a property on the map to view the official property boundaries and know where the property begins and where it ends.
  2. To make researching and comparing properties even easier and faster, we've added the following data to the quick info that appears when touching the map:
    • the number of bedrooms and bathrooms,
    • the property's last sale date,
    • when the owner is absentee, this info will appear on the callout next to the owner's name.
  3. We have added two new buttons in Notes:
    • Take Photo button - it allows you to take photos from within the TopConnector app and add them to your notes.
    • Send Note button – it makes it easier to share your notes and pictures with your associates and friends.
  4. Now you can also share key property data via email or SMS message. When you tap the Send/Share button on the lower taskbar, the quick info that is on the callout - the property address, type, value, beds, baths, last sale date and the name of the owner - will be automatically included in your email or SMS message.
  5. You can use Send/Share to quickly send your feedback or suggestions to us.

What Is New In Version 3.00

Find the location of a photo

How to find the location of a photo:

  1. From the TopConnector app, tap the Find Photo's Location button on the bottom taskbar.
  2. Choose from the photos on your phone. TopConnector will show the location of the photo on the map.
  3. Get property & owner info by touching houses/buildings on the map.

Now you can use any photo you've taken with your phone, whether it's a photo of you, of a tree, or a photo snapped through your car window while driving. TopConnector will always bring up the map location where the photo was taken, so you can easily research the area.

Add notes

Add photos and additional info about properties, property owners or businesses that interest you. All properties that have notes are marked with a small icon in Saved Searches, so you can easily find them.

What's New in Version 2.01

What's New in Version 2.00

TopConnector 2.00 has some exciting new features and a new look. The new version delivers even more reasons to use the app on the field.

  1. Property & ownership data is now updated on a weekly basis.
  2. Your searches are automatically saved in "Saved Properties". You can access them at any time, even if there's not a network connection.
  3. View properties in 3D Flyover Mode. Now you can zoom in on a single house, building, or even a tree, and view it from all angles in a full 360-degree map flyover video.
  4. We have changed our subscription model. Subscriptions to the TopConnector's services now renew automatically. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted access to property data without having to manually renew your access to the service time and again. You can opt out of the auto-renewal at any time by turning off the Automatic Renewal option on your iPhone.
  5. The app now works in both portrait and landscape mode. We’ve redesigned the app, making sure that you don’t get lost in the huge amount of data.

What's New in Version 1.01

In this release we fixed the following issues:

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